Built For Real Estate Professionals

Build your brand. Promote your brand.

Realtor or professional photographer, you can brand all elements of your website and backend, all for no extra cost.

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White Label, front and back

We allow you to brand your published listings, dashboard, emails and user logins.

Your users only see the branding and information you want them to see.


Easily save repeat agent details and add to future listings.

Control access and permissions for each listing individually.

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Big Impression

Beautiful listings leave a big impression with every visitor to the listing.

Multiple Templates

Make a customer feel valued by customizing the design to their taste/brand.

Hi-Res Images

Show off your hi-res image that you work so hard to get.

Design Freedom

WYSIWYG editor lets you be as creative as you want to be!

Embed Your Other Work

Video, Virtual Walkthrough or any other HTML code can be embedded on each listing.

Mobile Optimized

Content and design tailored for every screen size.


Easily mange all of your listings and clients from one place.

Unlimited User Permissions

Unlimited user permissions. Control what each user can on each listing.

White Label

Remove our branding and have your custom branding at every step in the process; Login, dashboard, listing and emails.


Control what emails go out to your clients.


Client will not see any billing info or prices in your backend.

Customer Service

Questions, comments or problems, the Primo team is here to help however we can.

Choose a domain for your custom website

Starting at $11 per year. Domains automatically expire after 1 year.

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See us in Action

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Static template


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Dynamic template



$15 /listing

$15 for one listing credit.

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$12.5 /listing

$50 for 4 listing credits.

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$11 /listing

$220 for 20 listing credits.

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Add a custom domain to any listing. Starting at $11 per year.